[Chicago-talk] Using Storable to exchange data between 2 processes

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Thu Jan 22 10:43:25 CST 2004

> After reading the Storable.pm doc.  I can see how I could store a
> datastructure to a file, and read from that file in a different process to
> reconstruct that data structure.  But I don't see how you'd do it with
> out a file.

The shared memory module uses Storable for anything that
gets put into shared memory segments.

You can also use it for messages. Any of:

	my $payload = storable $blah;

	my $payload = Dumper $blah;

	my $payload = freeze $blah;

allow you to:

	Parallel::Pvm::pack $payload;

and have the item stuffed into the body of a message.

The nice thing about PVM is that it deals with most of the
message passing init sections, finding hosts, setting up
sockets, and whatnot. It also runs as a user-space process
so that you don't need SU to run things in a cluster. Its
pack and unpack sub's will happily stuff the result of
storing, freezing, or Dumping a structure.

Again, the main issue is making sure that you don't try
to pass things that don't travel well: file handles (vs.
paths or URI's), sockets, anon subs and closures, or
offsets into local arrays that may not have been built
identically between the machines (nice thing about hashes).


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