[Chicago-talk] getting username via webpage automatically

Dooley, Michael Dooley.Michael at con-way.com
Wed Jan 21 15:23:09 CST 2004

Ok Guys,

Apache::AuthenNTLM I couldn't get to work. I keept getting errors, and well
I couldn't find any support for it either. Altho I got an email back from
the authors it didn't help. so I abandonded that module.

I did find the following apache module tho @ http://modntlm.sourceforge.net/
and it worked great with minimal configuration and well and extreamly easy

It was tested/written on Linux. I built it on a sparc running solaris8 w/ no
problems. I couldn't have asked for an easier setup.

The modules authenticates any useres accessing your webpage and the username
is captured in $ENV{REMOTE_USER}.

Just thought I would pass this along.

Case Closed,

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found it.

it is used in conjunction with mod_perl
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