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petemar1 petemar1 at perlmonk.org
Tue Jan 20 15:42:47 CST 2004

I also created goLogin() using WWW::Mechanize and received the same results.

    # goLogin()
    sub goLogin {
        my $a = WWW::Mechanize->new();

            form_number => 2,
            fields => {
                userid   => $user,
                pass => $pass,
        print "logged in!\n";
    } # end goLogin()

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WWW::Search::Ebay::Completed lets me login when I create a new
WWW::Search('Ebay::Completed') object and use the login() method, but I fail
to scrape search results. I do get results when login isn't necessary and I
create a WWW::Search('Ebay') object.


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