[Chicago-talk] Newbie problem: Cannot get Hello World to run!

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sun Jan 18 23:51:42 CST 2004

-- Sachin Karol <skarol1 at uic.edu>

> Hello,
>       Hope the Perl gurus can help me with a typical newbie
> (I think!!) problem.
> After many hassles, I managed to load Suse 9 on my laptop.
> I am now trying to learn Perl and am using the famed " Learning
> Perl" from OReilly.
> This is what my problem is:
> I am trying to run the basic Hello World problem :-
># !/usr/bin/perl -w
> print ("Hello, world!\n");

This may be more of a *NIX question than perl. Make
sure you're running the local copy of "Hello" first.
This is a somewhat overused name that may be in an
example somewhere else on your path. Hopefully you
don't have "." on the path anywhere...


would be one first guess.

You can also try the debugger to see what syntax should
work (good for following the tutorials also):

	$ perl -d -e 42;

	> print "Hello, world!\n"

should get you the output you are looking for. If that
blows up you can check the syntax before worrying about
#! code and shell issues.

After that works, edit the file, insert the lines, and
then double-check the name with "whereis name" (e.g.,
"whereis Hello"). If that turns up nothing then change
the mods to something like 0755 and run it via ./Hello.

At that point, given what you've shown, it seems likely
to work (since it did here on a SuSE box).


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