[Chicago-talk] Perl Monger T-shirts

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sun Jan 18 23:18:41 CST 2004

>>>>> "Steven" == Steven Lembark <lembark at wrkhors.com> writes:

Steven> -- Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com>

>> Is anyone interested in getting PM T-shirts printed up?  Prices look to
>> be about $6 each, or $8 for the XXL (we know who we are).

Steven> If they're silk-screened (vs. polymer transfer) I'd pick
Steven> up a couple of XXL's; otherwise I'd take two large.

Steven> Did we ever come up with a logo? I remember taking the
Steven> issue up at least once but the details got rinsed away
Steven> with ethanol at the time :-)

Perhaps I shouldn't give all my secrets away, but the vendor
Stonehenge has been using for the past few years for T-Shirts has been
doing front-and-back-printed two-color good quality shirts (admit it,
you have at least one!) for around $4.50 a piece, if the quantity is
appropriate.  No surprise, O'Reilly will be using them for this year's
OSCON shirts as well.

Lemme know if you wanna run an order.  I've done a few for other PM
groups already.

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