[Chicago-talk] Extracting info from Outlook's *.pst files

Emil Janev ejanev2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 12:56:49 CST 2004

Thanks for the prompt responses. I will need some time to try all of the stuff.
I basically work as a client support and maintenance, so often as today, I have many issues
to finish before having some time to try this stuff.

Here are some my thaughts, maybe I am wrong with them yet:

--- Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com> wrote:
> There's a C library out there for extracting stuff, but I don't know how
> well it works.
> I would suggest you go thru the Win32::OLE automation and extract the
> data that way.

C is not an option for me for know. I haven't worked recently, but I'll spent some time of
refreshing myself with it.

About Win32::OLE, as I understand, I will have to have installed Outlook, with "*.pst" files
available to Outlook.
That file 1.8 GB, has reached limitation of the Outlook, I think. It locks the Outlook when
tried to be imported. So it is not available through Outlook.
Again, I haven't worked with Outlook through OLE, so I might be wrong.

--- "Young, Aaron" <Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com> wrote:
> not sure what you have going
> but
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/outlook_text_to_mbox/
> looks like it might work...

I put a look at it. It says folders saved as text or CSV files, from Outlook. That *.pst file
is not available in Outlook, so no option for Exort (or SaveAs) as Text/CSV.

--- Jeremy Hubble <jhubble at core.com> wrote:
> Mozilla has an Outlook import feature that is fairly reliable.  (Though
> I have only used it with a 100 Meg PST)  You could probably dig through
> the source tree to see its guts.

I think I tried with Mozilla mail client, as it complained of Outlook not installed. I didn't
find the option to import just .pst file, but just the files from already installed and
running Outlook.

>(And if you're really in the mood, create a perl module!)

I missed the last Perl Meeting, so I'll skip this option for now :-)

Thanks much for the feedback,

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