[Chicago-talk] Extracting info from Outlook's *.pst files

Emil Janev ejanev2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 11:35:37 CST 2004

Hi Guys,

Is there any Perl module for reading information from Outlook's *.pst files.
I don't have any expirience about this meter.

My colleague is having problems with Outlook. The problems started with having "Outlook.pst"
file reaching 1.8 GB.

My taught was as a last resort, if there is any posibility to extract the information ( even
limited ) from those *.pst files using some Perl Module. I took a quick look at CPAN, but I
couldnt recognize anything.

I tried something like "Outlook Recovery" Demo, but the result wasn't usable ( it was causing
problems when tried to be imported in Outlook ).

I tried also "ForMorph" demo. It imported some messages, limited to 500 KB, and without

I personally use Outlook Express, and haven't had any problem with it yet.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance,

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