[Chicago-talk] Even more free books

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Sun Jan 11 11:04:31 CST 2004

I've been cleaning out my shelves, so have some books to give away.
They may be highlighted, and/or have my name on them somewhere.  Anything
that doesn't get taken is goin' to the Friends Of The Library Book Sale.

Teach Yourself Project 98
Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 98
Writers Market 2000
Running qmail
The qmail Handbook
Practical Guide to SGML/XML Filters
BSD Sockets Programming From a Multi-Language Perspective
Unix Network Programming: The Sockets Networking API, Third Edition,
Volume 1.  It's a draft manuscript, but I'm assuming it's no different
than the "real" book.

If you want any of 'em, they're yours for $4 each, which is the cost
for me to mail one to you.  Yes, I have to mail them to you, because I
don't want to have 'em sitting around until next month's PM meeting.

First come, first served.


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