[Chicago-talk] Apache::Session - Cookie Question

Scott T. Hildreth shild at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 24 18:43:37 CST 2004

I think I got...sort of, the cookies.txt is the serialized cookies as
the Apache::Session::MySQL is for the RT cookie.  The mozilla is caching
the cookies in memory, that is how the cookie manager is accessing all
the cookies.  So CGI::Cookies->fetch() is still getting the cookies from
the request header. Right?

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 16:40, Scott T. Hildreth wrote:
> We are using Request Tracker at work, which is using Mysql as the
> backend db. So RT is using Apache::Session::Mysql to store the cookie
> and other seesion data.  We have a intranet that has a login screen that
> sets a cookie, allowing access to all the web pages without additional
> logins.  They would like to have RT use that cookie as a login status as
> well.  Not being much of a web developer, I've had to learn a lot about
> mod_perl, Html::Mason, apache, and cookies in a short time period.  Has 
> been fun, I've been wanting to work with this environment for a while. 
> I have had the Mason Book and Apache Module books for some time, now I
> get to actually use them.  Okay back to my question :-), when I use the
> mozilla cookie manager, I can see all the cookies including the RT one.
> In my ~/.mozilla dir I can see all the cookies except the RT one in the
> cookies.txt file.  The RT cookie is serialized in the Mysql db.  When
> the RT::mason handler is called via a browser, there is a Setupsession
> Component that makes a CGI::Cookie->fetch() call.  This only returns the
> cookie that is serialized in the db and not the cookies that are in the
> cookies.txt file, even though the domain is the same(which is localhost
> for my testing).  I think I understand that the request is handed off to
> a mod_per/Mason handler which is ,for a lack of better understanding,
> its own environment/process.  How does CGI::Cookie get pointed to the
> stored session data and not retrieve the on disk cookies as well?  Does
> anyone have any ideas or tips on how to get the on disk cookie to be
> returned to the session?  I hope this makes sense, I am not really sure
> how to word it  since I am not quite sure what is going on.
>                                         Thanks,
>                                                STH
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