[Chicago-talk] Merging two dir's into a third

Shawn C Carroll shawn at owbn.org
Wed Feb 18 12:47:20 CST 2004

Randal L. Schwartz said:
>>>>>> "Shawn" == Shawn C Carroll <shawn at owbn.org> writes:
> Shawn> I'm gonna ask before I go write something...
> Shawn> Is there a way to take two dir tree's with simular structure and
> merge
> Shawn> them into a third tree?
> Shawn> I've seen some pointers to diff, but I don't want to compare files
> ( none
> Shawn> are gonna match ) I just want to be able to take
> Shawn> dira/apple/this.txt
> Shawn> and
> Shawn> dirb/apple/that.txt
> Shawn> and end up with
> Shawn> dirc/apple/this.txt
> Shawn> dirc/apple/that.txt
> What do you do when the filenames *do* match?
> What do you do when a filename of one is a directory name of the other?

In this case, neither is an issue.  But, in the first case then I'd take
dira over dirb.  In the second, that isn't a case I have deal with in
these dir's

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