[Chicago-talk] Chicago.pm talk from UniqueID guy

Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Mon Feb 16 19:11:44 CST 2004

This is jumping the gun a bit, but Alan de Smet has asked if he is still
on for his UniqueID talk for chicago-pm. Can we give him the go ahead for
April's meeting? Details about the proposed talk are below.



UniqueID - or - How I learned to stop worrying and love the

The UniqueID identifier number software
(http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/numbers/) started life as
a trivial experiment in Perl and CGI programming for Alan 
De Smet in the mid-90s.  As Alan's understanding of programming
and Perl has grown and been refined, so has that software
grown and been refined.  A talk on what Perl has taught one

Alan De Smet              http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan

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