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Sorry if you saw this already (on luni) but I figured there might 
be some chicago perl folks who are interested. //Ed


From: john stanton <stanton at kacschgo.org>
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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 13:36:26 -0600

Hello all,

The Youth Community Technology Program
http://www.yctp.org needs several people to act as an "IT mentor"
for the young people in our program. 

The Youth Community Technology Program (YCTP) is looking for technology
professionals to mentor young people ages 14-21. Our students come from all over
Chicago and represent many ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

The Youth Community Technology Program offers a free computer repair and
refurbishment program for "at-risk" youth. Young people enrolled in the
program learn how to build and maintain computers, gain valuable experience 
through internships in area non-profits, and benefit from the experience and
companionship of people from the IT industry. One of the neat things
about the course is that it includes an Open Source and community
service component.

In addition to the technical portion of the program, the YCTP offers
education assistance, one-on-one counseling and social service
referrals, soft skills workshops and job and education placement

Mentors meet twice a month on Saturday's from 11 AM- 2 PM. We ask the
mentors to share information about their professions, their educations,
and their passions. Mentor and mentees work together to develop a
relationship grounded in respect and trust. 

The meetings are held at Korean American Community Services 4300 North
California Ave. (near the intersection of California and Montrose) and
are convenient to public transportation. 

If you are interested please contact me.




Check out our latest success storys at:




John Stanton
Community Technology Programs Director
Korean American Community Services 
4300 N. California Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(p)773.583.5501 x247

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