[Chicago-talk] Class::DBI talk next month

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Feb 8 22:58:22 CST 2004

A stroll through Class::DBI
by Jay Strauss

       In summary, Class::DBI maps an instance of an object to a
       row in a relational database table.  When you operate upon
       the object, you affect the underlying database.
       Class::DBI takes care of generating all the select,
       inserts, updates, deletes... for you.  It makes working with
       a relational databases almost trivial.

       If your anything like me, you started interacting with
       your Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), such
       as: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Sybase, SQLServer... (in my
       order of preference :) using Perl via the vendor supplied
       command line tool.  Shelling out in your script, launching
       the command line tool to execute some SQL, catching the
       output, parsing it, and using it in your Perl in some
       meaningful way.

       Then I found out about DBI, and the world was beautiful.
       I could now connect and execute SQL within perl in an con-
       sise and intuitive way.  But then I got lazy (a good
       thing). And I started writing all kinds of helper modules,
       to do all the things I was doing over and over.

       Then, I though, "dummy I bet someone has already done
       this", so I searched around the web and CPAN, and found
       Class::DBI. Since then I've been doing my database inter-
       action exclusively via Class::DBI.

Wanna learn more before the meeting?  Check out:

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