[Chicago-talk] Multiple spaces, ascii art, pod

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 12:18:15 CST 2004

> It doesn't say "fuck it, i'll use the fix" at the
> bottom though :)

Okay, I'll fill in the rest of the list of the story I
related to Ed and Jason at El Famous Burrito on

It's the documentation gaffe that I never managed to
live down. Apparently, in a script I wrote, I started
it off something like this:

#set up database handle
my $dbh = UtilityModule->connect();

So the guy maintaining it looked at it and said,
"Well. This is promising. Should be well documented!"

I then proceeded to comment absolutely nothing else
for the entire duration of the program (a few hundred
lines, I think) until about 15 lines from the bottom,
where there was the single comment:

#fuck it, I'll use the fix

He marvelled for months at the great potential that
program showed for documentation and how much it
completely, utterly, collapsed.


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