[Chicago-talk] Perl Style

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Fri Aug 20 08:28:06 CDT 2004

> The guideline is just that: a guide. Perl is agnostic to
> whitespace: put spaces between all of your dollar signs
> and the variable names if it pleases you:
>   DB<1> $ a = 'foo'
>   DB<2> print $ a
> foo
> The only reall issue is to pick a style that's readable
> and relatively easy to maintain.

So net/net, even though there is a style guide, no one really 
follows it.  They only follow it when it coincides with
something they already do.

And Damian didn't put out a new style guide, but will at 
some point in the future will be writing a perl best practices book.

Be internally consistent in your code.  If possible be project
consistent too.


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