[Chicago-talk] Next meeting: Monster Perl Garage

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Wed Aug 18 21:04:06 CDT 2004

This month's Chicago Perl Mongers meeting, September 7 at 7pm will be a
get-your-hands-dirty test-suite workshop that we call "Monster Perl
Garage", or "This Old Module".

We'll be the very first Perl Mongers group to overhaul a module's test
suite for the Phalanx Project, which was started to improve the testing
and quality of commonly-used Perl modules in anticipation of Perl 5.10
and Perl 6.

Put on your overalls and get ready to dive under the hood of HTML::Tree
by Sean Burke. The Chicago Monster Mongers team will reengineer the test
suite for maximum performance and ride the finished product around the
parking lot. You'll learn how to engineer high-octane tests for your own
code and be equipped to help CPAN move into the next generation of Perl.
All work will be done on the big screen, but if you have a wi-fi laptop
in your toolbox, bring it along and join in the fun.

When our hands are clean, we'll post how we did it to encourage other
Perl Monger groups to do the same. 

Directions at http://chicago.pm.org/meetings/


(Thanks to Liz Cortell for writing this up)

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