[Chicago-talk] apache mod_perl sybase

Shawn Carroll shawn.c.carroll at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 12:40:47 CDT 2004

Can anyone help?
Apache 1.3.39
Perl      5.6.1 single threaded
DBD::Sybase 1.02

We see the follow error intermitantly.  Some of the pointers I've
found from goggle suggest maybe a multi-threaded issue, as do my DBAs.

DBD::Sybase::db selectall_arrayref failed: OpenClient message: LAYER =
(1) ORIGIN = (1) SEVERITY = (1) NUMBER = (60)
Server SYBPROD5, database 
Message String: ct_command(): user api layer: external error: There is
a usage error.  This routine has been called at an illegal time.
[Thu Aug 12 12:16:36 2004] [error] Can't use an undefined value as an
ARRAY reference at

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