[Chicago-talk] What module will we attack?

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 14:03:29 CDT 2004

Mail::Bulkmail has extensive documentation, but an utter complete dire
lack of any tests whatsoever (well, it has one...it doesn't test
much). It's even reasonably popular. :D

I'm also quite convined the author would be receptive.

What's the goal of an initial module attack? To actually run forth and
phalanx it? Or to learn how to run forth and phalanx it? If it's the
former, then sky's the limit. Let's pick something fairly widely used.

But if it's the latter, then I think it'd be better for us to pick
something reasonably useful (basically anything outside of the Acme::
tree would probably suffice) but fairly small and easy to go after.
That way, those that aren't used to testing or adding tests or whatnot
or that don't even have a clue how to begin on the subject won't be
overwhelmed by us initially trying to do something massive.

I do think we'd be better served going after something small first.
I'd even further recommend that we do something that one of the
Chicago.pm members who plans to attend has written. Yes, yes, this is
all very self-serving in that I want to finally get off my ass and
tackle Mail::Bulkmail's lack of testing, but I'd still even think
that's too big.

A local member would probably be useful to have around since they
would (presumably) know the code better than anybody which would make
explanations easier, testing easier, things to worry about easier,

If we start smaller and show how approachable it is to do it, we'd be
more likely to get more people involved in an overall big push for
some of the larger modules. Basically, I'm just worried about biting
off more than we can chew in the first attempt.


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