[Chicago-talk] Meeting tonight, August 3rd at 7 PM

Pete Krawczyk mongers at bsod.net
Tue Aug 3 09:44:01 CDT 2004


Tonight at 7 PM, our beloved chicago.pm shall meet in Vernon Hills at WDI.  
Our featured presenter will be Andy Lester giving a talk on security with
Perl using -T!  Topics of discussion will include using tainting 
checks within programs, secure use of DBI, and ways to secure your CGI and 
mod_perl scripts.

Meetings page: http://chi.pm.org/meetings/
Directions:    http://chi.pm.org/wdi-directions.html

Beforehand, some of us will meet at El Famous Burrito around 6pm.  It's
just a half mile or so from WDI.  For you Mapquesters, it's at 230
Hawthorn Village Comm, Vernon Hills, IL.

September's meeting will be the last that we can have at WDI.  We thank
them for the use of their facilities this past year.  If anyone has some
space that they'd love to volunteer for future meetings, please let Andy

-Pete K

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