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Mike Fragassi frag at ripco.com
Mon Aug 2 09:41:29 CDT 2004

I like it, although I don't know about the February date.  ("Y'S'C: come
for the ice, stay for the snow".)  Also, maybe only have the 'official'
meeting and any talks on Saturday, and leave Sunday open - people can
still gather at meeting HQ in BOFs, or they can go where they will doing
the tourist thing.

-- Mike F.

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Andy Lester wrote:

> You know what I'd like us to think about?  Not a full-blown YAPC, but
> some sort of mini-convention, more social than tech.
> Here's my wacky idea:
> * Some weekend in, say, mid-February, far enough away from June/July of
> * Weekend = Friday noon to Sunday night.
> * Minimal tech: Maybe one or two talks a day.  Lightning talks would be
> swell.
> * Family-oriented.  People can bring the spouse(s) and kids.
> * Held here in Chicago, or more likely, a suburb like Schaumburg or
> Arlington Heights, so that people who want to deal with the city can,
> and those who don't, don't.
> * Emphasis is on what makes OSCON so great: The hallway sessions.
> * Costs would be low, only including the actual costs.
> * Announce it far enough in advance that people can plan.  Mostly local
> folks, of course, but who knows who else might show up?  "Local" might
> mean anything from Minneapolis to Detroit to Green Bay to Memphis.
> Thoughts?
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