[Chicago-talk] Re: proper syntax to pipe perl to perl on win32

Stephan Noe sgnoe at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 22 21:51:05 CDT 2004

Responding to my own post of several weeks ago (got side tracked on other tasks).
Problem was how to use logresolvemerge.pl (from awstats tool on sourceforge) to merge large apache log files then feed into custom log parsing script on win32 system. I hate reading archives without the actual working solution, so here it is:
    or basically, don't forget how the command shell works :)
perl logresolvemerge.pl big_file_a big_file_b | perl mycustomparser.pl
p.s. I tested for big_file_x of several hundred mb each no problem. logresolvemerge.pl is handy utility, no need for temp file, excessive memory, split utility, etc, etc - granted there is a 1 GB network connection between box where script runs and the two servers with the log files resident. As was pointed out, my problem earlier was using file redirection syntax when all I wanted was a simple pipe -- doh!
Thanks for the previous tips.
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