[Chicago-talk] ok im feeling a bit (lot) retarted

Dooley, Michael Dooley.Michael at con-way.com
Wed Apr 21 14:23:06 CDT 2004

if that was the case wouldn't each (this is where the fog lifted) "segment" be replaced by Address_V2?


fulley expanded would be 

s/Address_V1||FromAddr||||315 Benjamin Lane||||Boise||ID||USA||83704/Address_V2/

if I put in single quotes around $_ I get Address_V2 appended to the beginning of $_.

ok nevermind iv apperently been spending to much time at play boy and not thinking.

since I don't have a modifer at the end of the expression it only matches the 1st entry in the expression. with that now clear you are most certenly correct. I should deffinetly be much more explicit w/ the pattern so it is less ?obtuse?

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Let's see if I can debug on the fly w/out testing

If that's your input line, then note that it has regex
special characters in it, and they're being treated as
So it's matching "Address_V1" OR an emptry string OR
"FromAddr" OR an empty string OR "315 Benjamin Lane"
OR ....

The first thing it happens to hit is "Address_V1", so
it successfully changes that to Address_V2.

Changing your delimiters away from pipes would yield
more expected results. Alternatively, it'd probably be
good to quote the string first.


To keep those metacharacters from having special


--- "Dooley, Michael" <Dooley.Michael at con-way.com>
> while (<HANDLE>) {
>         if ($. == 2) {
>                 s/$_/Address_V2/;
>                 print "$_";
>         }
> }
> Address_V1||FromAddr||||315 Benjamin
> Lane||||Boise||ID||USA||83704
> Address_V2||FromAddr||||315 Benjamin
> Lane||||Boise||ID||USA||83704
> It is what I wanted but I just cant see why it is
> doing it.
> I mean why is it not substitueing the whole line w/
> just "Address_V2"?
> I didn't tell it to keep the rest of the line
> contents. Heck I didn't
> even specify what it should match. but it understood
> to swap out
> Address_V1 with Address_V2 and continue to print out
> the full line.
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