[Chicago-talk] Behold, Basset.

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 21:19:21 CDT 2004

It is done, the Basset framework is publically
available under the Artistic License.


So what is Basset? Basset is what I use on my website
and a few others that I run/help out with. It's the
framework that I've used internally for a little more
than a year now (though its oldest ancestor goes all
the way back to Mail::Bulkmail 1.00, primitive though
that is by modern standards). So it's fairly well
developed, robust, hardened, tested, etc.

And now it's free for the world. I've held onto it for
so long since I'd always debated trying to license it,
but a few people gave me the final convincing I needed
to open source it. Besides, that's surely the path to
fame and fortune more than keeping it closed would be.

It's designed to be extremely generic, so making money
off of it would be a trick. Now, making money off of
software made with it, that's another story. I haven't
figured that out yet either. But it seems more

So download it, poke around at it, let me know what
you think. There's plenty of documentation, and even a
tutorial on the website to talk you through a quick
example of using it. In the most generic sense, you
can think of it as being akin to Class::DBI, but it
offers so much more.

More code/examples/tutorials/etc are coming from me in
the future (I have several more core Basset modules
that I haven't released yet due to lack of docs), but
questions are encouraged. Remember - I am the author
of this thing, so anything you ask is going straight
to the source.

Not on CPAN yet, I may put it there in the future.

Have fun.


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