[Chicago-talk] WWW::Mechanize

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Sat Apr 3 08:34:06 CST 2004

> I am on Windows 98.  I manually replaced the
> Mechanize.pm file in the perl/site/lib/WWW directory,
> upgrading to 7.2 from 4.x.

I don't know what "7.2" you mean.  Unless you mean Mechanize 0.72.

The way that you are installing modules is harder than it needs to be,
and it's not the correct way to do it.  Please look at the Perl FAQ for
"how do I install modules."  It may be slightly different on Windows, so
you may have to check for something like "installing modules on

After you install the modules correctly, you'll have a program called
mech-dump that you can run from the command line:

  C:\> mech-dump http://use.perl.org


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