[Chicago-talk] Piping from perl to perl under win2k -- correct syntax?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sat Apr 3 01:46:55 CST 2004

>> but I cannot do this in production as the temp file
>> theoretically could run up to 6-12 GB in size).

split. I know it exists on cygwin; if you don't have
it the C is extremely short.

If you're not used to the split command, it turns a
large file into many small fixed line/byte/block count
files with names like "aaa", "aab"... Its original use
with with uucp for sending over-large uuencoded files
(anyone else rememer bang paths?).

For your purpose you'd have to double the file size

    cd /tmpdir;
    split -blah /inputfile;

you now have a few zillion, say, 1MB files.

> I believe dos/winx handles pipes via tmp files anyways (try it while on a
> read-only drive)so you may still have this problem, regardless.

That or grab a dos-ified version of dd to handle the input
and output buffering. You could fix the i/o size into blocks
the O/S can gracefully handle.

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