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JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Thu Sep 25 11:14:20 CDT 2003

One of the companies I work for is sponsoring an open source software event to introduce 
pointy-haired bosses to OSS. If you have a PHB, or know of any PHB's that you might like 
to try to swing around to OSS, then please send them this URL:


The event is free and will take place every 2 months. The first one is October 23rd. I'm 
the first guest speaker. You are all welcome to attend as well, but know in advance that 
the discussions will not be terribly technical, but rather focusing on the business 
benefits and strategies of OSS.

Also, if you're interested in helping us convert some PHB's, go to the site and apply to 
be a guest speaker.

The following is the official announcement about it:

WDI's Director of Technology, JT Smith, will be presenting at OSS Chicago on October 

The purpose of Open Source Chicago is to create open source proponents and users within 
traditional IT environments. Our goal is to create an environment where professionals 
can exchange information about the open source software, projects, and OSS licensing so 
that IT professionals can make informed choices about the use of OSS within their 

JT will be giving the inaugural presentation titled "An Introduction to Open Source". JT 
will be covering a brief history of open source, common myths, licensing, where OSS fits 
in business, and some software to get started with.

Refreshments will be provided, as well as time for Q&A, discussion, and networking.

Please note that OSS Chicago is not a technology users group. It was created to inform 
managers and business users about the business benefits of open source software. Techies 
are welcome, but the discussion will remain business focused.

If you are in the Chicago Land area, and are interested in learning more about open 
source, please check out OSS Chicago.

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