[Chicago-talk] perl with cygwin & native win32 gvim?

Young, Aaron Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com
Fri Sep 19 00:08:45 CDT 2003

while i don't do this

i'm anxious to hear what people have been doing as i do vim on win32 and
have been considering doing more scripting there (when in Rome)

on a related subject

anyone have anything vim/perl/*nix they want to share?

i've been using the compiler=perl setting to get it to allow me to jump
between syntax errors when i do "make"

also, the simple, seting 'K' to do a 'perldoc -f' on the work my cursor
is currently over

and i've used ptags, but not a lot

and please, i understand that emacs has sooooo many must have perl
features, pretty please, with sugar on top, kickoff another thread

Aaron F Young
Broker Reconciliation
Operations & Portfolio Finance
Citadel Investment Group LLC 

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> Subject: [Chicago-talk] perl with cygwin & native win32 gvim?
> Hi there.
> Is anyone on the list using perl with cygwin & native win32 
> gvim?  Basically, I
> want to be able to run my perl scripts from within the native 
> GVIM inside a
> cygwin bash shell.
> Any thoughts?
> -jason scott gessner
>    jason at multiply.org
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