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Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Thu Sep 18 09:31:51 CDT 2003

Before I moved here a year ago I set up job search agents with Monster, 
Dice and the Tribune to look for Perl jobs in the chicago area.  I was lucky 
enough to land a job working for Andy up in McHenry, but the email notifications
kept coming.

As an experiment I created qmail filters (written in Perl) that extract the 
jobs and publish them on my website.


And, if you are into RSS feeds you can get the jobs as RSS by hitting this


Feel free to use the data if you want.


ps. the feed also includes jobs from jobs.perl.org which aren't all in the
chicago area.

pss. in addition to perl it includes linux/unix jobs too.

Ed Summers
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web: http://www.inkdroid.org

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