[Chicago-talk] Q on '-n'

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Tue Sep 16 02:14:39 CDT 2003

I'm trying to figure out how to utilize '-n' best.

I have a cmd line...

   myScript.pl file_1.txt file_2.txt -o result.out

I want to cycle through all file[s] given by the cmd line (if it's a path,
all the files in that dir, but that's for later) and spit the results
(whatever it may be) into the file given via the '-o' parameter.

My test script (see below)

Is this the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.



#!/usr/local/bin/perl -n

   # place entire cmd line into single scalar
   $arg = join ' ', @ARGV;

   # split off the inbound file(s) and the result file
   ($arg, $outFile) = split '-o', $arg;

   # rebuilt the cmd line
   @ARGV = split ' ', $arg;

   # Open given tmp file
   open( TEMP, ">>$outFile")
			or die "No Way! \n$!\n$outFile\n";

# loop begins here
print TEMP "$ARGV: $.\n";

# clode the file when we are done with it
close ARGV if eof;

# eof

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