[Chicago-talk] Perl Blogging Techniques talk tonight!

jason scott gessner jason at multiply.org
Mon Sep 15 07:57:22 CDT 2003

Hi All.

I hope to see a bunch of you tonight at the Perl Blogging Techniques talk!  I
have finished up my code samples and handouts, which are available at
http://www.multiply.org/notebook/ in the first post.  I will put together a
full talk page a little later.

Unfortunately, I will not be down at my office this afternoon, so I am unable to
make prints of the handouts.  Anyone willing to volunteer?  It will be 11
pages, but double sided b/w's would be fine.  If no one can print them, I will
run to Kinko's on my way in.

Any takers?

Thanks!  See you tonight!

-jason scott gessner
     jason at multiply.org

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