[Chicago-talk] Toronto monger in town for next meeting

Michael Graham magog at the-wire.com
Sat Sep 13 04:23:50 CDT 2003

> Michael:  We will be glad to entertain an international PM'er at the meeting!  I
> would also like to hear about your MT extension.  Any details?

It's a fairly simple program - it makes text-based digests of MT

Basically, it's a cgi-script (written using MT's Perl API) which pulls all
the articles from a given date range and fills a MT-style template to
make a plain text digest.

I also made a few plugins for text formatting, such as paragraph
wrapping, underlining and text-boxes.

The motivation behind the project is to provide tools to help people get
around government censorship of weblogs.  Apparently, some governments
are trying to restrict access to information by blocking the specific
websites that host certain blogs.  Hopefully this program will help blog
authors to send out the content of their blogs to interested people via

At the moment, the program is pretty limited - it just produces a single
page of text that the author then has to manually paste into a mail

Eventually, it would be fun to come up with methods of distribution that
are resistent to government interference and detection.

But in the meantime, a single-page of text is fairly easy to distribute.

Preliminary code is at:


See you Monday!


Michael Graham
magog at the-wire.com - http://occamstoothbrush.com/perl/

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