[Chicago-talk] Problem with mail list

Young, Aaron Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com
Wed Sep 3 10:51:13 CDT 2003


has a discussion on this subject, and a search of groups.google shows
that many other mailing lists have had this same discussion

but since we are a dangerous-life-on-the-edge group

and since some of us use mailers like outlook (since we read this from
work) that don't have "Group-Reply" buttons, we end up sending two
copies of the message to the original poster which means they might
respond to the non-list version, and the list loses out

i would rather reply to the list when i reply to list

(get it)

if i want to reply directly to perlperson at you.org

i'll just figure it out on my own, since we can all program at least a
little bit, i think we can figure that out, and if we accidentally
reploy to the list, so what

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> Subject: [Chicago-talk] Problem with mail list
> I'm liable to kick off a shit storm here, but....
> Who made the choice to remove the Reply-To: header when we moved to
> mail.pm.org?  I believe that most people believe that when you are
> replying to a message from a list, the reply goes back to the 
> list.  As it
> is set up now, it takes thought to reply to the list, in that 
> one has to
> reply-all, etc.
> Before Randall brings out his old saw to contrast this idea, 
> I've read it
> already.  Based on my experience of managing several moderate 
> sized, high
> volume mailing lists for the past several years, many people think the
> same way I do.
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