[Chicago-talk] Problem with mail list

Shawn C Carroll shawn at owbn.org
Wed Sep 3 10:12:02 CDT 2003

I'm liable to kick off a shit storm here, but....

Who made the choice to remove the Reply-To: header when we moved to
mail.pm.org?  I believe that most people believe that when you are
replying to a message from a list, the reply goes back to the list.  As it
is set up now, it takes thought to reply to the list, in that one has to
reply-all, etc.

Before Randall brings out his old saw to contrast this idea, I've read it
already.  Based on my experience of managing several moderate sized, high
volume mailing lists for the past several years, many people think the
same way I do.


Shawn Carroll
shawn at owbn.org
Perl Programmer
Soccer Referee

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