[Chicago-talk] job opporitunity

Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Thu Oct 16 11:20:24 CDT 2003

I saw this on the LUNI list and thought there might be someone interested
in the position in chi.pm. //Ed


Sorry everyone, I really hate doing this, but I'd rather give a shot to 
one of our own before I publish this elsewhere.
Any interested parties please forward your resume
bschuldt at where2getit.com
and CC me at:
sjohnson at where2getit.com


Title: Product Developer
Position: Perl Product Programmer/Product Release Coordinator
Open: Nov 1st
Company: Where2getit
URL: www.where2getit.com

About Us:
Please visit the URL above for company info.

We are looking for a reliable, seasoned Perl programmer to develop 
proprietary large scale applications to run in an open-source 
environment.  These applications will include webservice enabled 
interfaces along with Perl CGI interfaces.  Candidate must be 
self-motivated and able to multi-task.  This is a full-time, on-site 
position located in Wheeling.  Working well with a team and constant 
change are something you must be able to deal with.  Other duties will 
involve self-organization, task management, time line assessment, 
product release and implementation.

Perl -  Expert   (not just the syntax, but the community and interpreter 
as a whole.)
Object Oriented Perl/Perl Modules -  Advanced
CPAN - Intermediate  (knowledge of creating cpan modules)
CVS - Advanced  (must be familiar with revision tagging and branching)
Linux - Intermediate (know your way around file system, knowledge of 
libraries, binaries, and general tools, and must be able to maintain 
your own workstation)
Webservices/XML::RPC - Beginner (must at least know what they are!)
Documentation - Advanced (must be able to write clear and concise 
documentation of your products and comment your code well.

Debian/Apt (package management and package building a plus)
Bugzilla (for end-use for bug-tracking, not the code itself)
More advance Linux experience
Vim or Emacs  (we don't use IDE's, but we are not opposed to it as long 
as it's free and/or open-source)

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