[Chicago-talk] I'll help if I can

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Thu Oct 2 08:10:02 CDT 2003

Hi everyone,

My Oracle consulting business has been on life support for the last year, so
about 8-9 months ago I started doing mortgages.  Last night when I left the
office, rates where back down below 6% for a 30 yr, and 5 3/8 on a 15yr.  If
anyone from these 2 lists can take advantage of a mortgage, give me a call
at 312.587.7900.  I'll help you out (just tell me you're from luni or perl).
We've got all kinds of cool mortgage programs that I didn't know existed
(and wished I did) before started working here.


Ps. I figured there might be someone here who could use the help. Seva I
hope this wasn't too big a violation of protocol.

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