[Chicago-talk] Limiting a hash, or producing an interesting list

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Tue Nov 25 23:28:10 CST 2003

-- Jay Strauss <me at heyjay.com>

> That's not really what I want though.
> your way, I end up with a hash with everything, and an array that tells me
> the offsets in my original array.
> But I want a hash with only the stuff I think is interesting

ok, assign the slice to a hash instead of an array:

	my %foo = ();

	@foo{@knead} = @input{@offsetz};

Learn to think in terms of lists rather than "variables",
it's one of the more powerful attributes of Perl -- and
perhaps the only reason LISP has survived this long.

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