[Chicago-talk] POE was Java API/Perl revisited

Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Tue Nov 25 08:47:39 CST 2003

Ed Summers wrote:
> hachi:
>>You could use POE ( http://poe.perl.org ) or fork and use IPC, or you
>>could write your own non-blocking IO code. Stem** (
>>http://www.stemsystems.com ) is possible too. It all depends on what
>>this socket is doing, and what the main program is doing.
> I think a talk about POE at one of our tech meetings would be *really* cool.
> Would you be willing to do it? I know you've done some practical work with
> POE and I think it could be interesting to a lot of folks.
> If you can get away from work, can we pencil you in? If the drive to/from WI
> proved to be too much, I'd be willing to pitch in a few bucks to help you 
> get a hotel room down in Vernon Hills.
> //Ed

Whoah, suddenly had a moment where I realized "you never answered on 

So, after thinking for a while, and then forgetting for a couple weeks, 
I'll agree to do a POE talk (unless I shot my opportunity.) On the 
upside of things you aren't asking me to give a talk on fast turnaround, 
or customer service ;)


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