[Chicago-talk] Need help on a parsing that used to work

Mike Pastore mike at oobak.org
Tue Nov 25 01:08:29 CST 2003


I'm surprised this ever worked, because the pattern will fail as soon as
it hits the space between RCPT and FROM. Try this,

	my ($field, $value) = /^([^:]+): (.*)$/;

Or better yet,

	my ($field, $value) = split ': ';

>From what I understand about mail headers, you can always depend on that
colon-space to be in the right place.

Mike Pastore
mike at oobak.org

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 21:49, Bernie Leung wrote:
> I have a strange Perl problem that I thought PM's can help. I have the
> following PERL script that is acting strange (actually not working at
> all) on Linux Perl5 (version 8 subversion 0), but is OK in Windows
> Perl5 (version 8, suversion 1).
> /^([^\s]+):(.*)$/
> This is supposed to parse from $_ a line like 
> RCPT FROM: bernie at mesatech.com
> and spit out RCPT FROM: as $1   bernie at mesatech.com as $2.  This is
> used throughout qmail-sanner-queue.pl which uses /usr/perl/suidperl.
> It all seemed to have started happening Nov 16 (Sunday).
> When suddenly it stopped working. I  know, nothing stops all of a
> sudden by itself. But I surely can't find the answer. Does anyone have
> any idea what is going on? Thanks for your help.
> Bernie Leung
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