[Chicago-talk] A question of style: Class::Accessor

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Sun Nov 23 17:57:12 CST 2003

I'm using Class::Accessor (though why, I dunno, I'm overriding most every
accessor and new).  Normally inside the class code it's OK to access the
blessed structure directly, like $self->{...} (if the bless thing happens to
be a hash).  But if I use something like Class::Accessor which creates an
internal data structure for me (granted I know it's a hash, and it's keys
are the names for the accessors), is it still OK to do $self->{...} in the

I could see this being a problem if the maintainer of Class::Accessor decide
to change the internal structure to something else, though I don't know how
likely that is


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