[Chicago-talk] Java API/Perl revisited

Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Wed Nov 19 09:38:05 CST 2003


I can't really say how I see using POE in this application, but the 
moment you start thinking about doing async IO and running a poll loop 
you have hit an area where you can most likely write the entire thing in 

POE can be viewed as simply a framework built around a select() loop, 
but it doesn't have to be select() necessarally.


Jay Strauss wrote:
> Jonathan,
> I was planning on using POE in a different aspect of what I'm trying to do.
> How did you envision using it this application?  I have to read a socket
> (endlessly), and dispatch methods based on the messages I receive over the
> socket, I also have to talk on that socket when necessary
> Jay

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