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jason gessner jason at multiply.org
Tue Nov 18 20:28:30 CST 2003

If any whisper about review copies of the upcoming "High Performance MySQL"
start coming our way from O'Reilly, I gladly volunteer for a review.  I have
a large MySQL app coming up that I want to run like gangbusters.  :)

-jason scott gessner
    jason at multiply.org 

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On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 12:56:22PM -0600, Chris McAvoy wrote:
> I'd like to do the photography book.  I'll even post before and after 
> pictures to my website, showing what great strides I'll have made as a 
> digital photographer.

Perhaps you could even take some pictures at our next meeting, and we can
put them up on the chicago.pm.org website.

I've got your mailing address on file so I'll get a copy sent out to you. 

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