[Chicago-talk] Re: Stealth Perl Install and then the old swap-a-roo?

Young, Aaron Aaron.Young at citadelgroup.com
Fri Nov 14 13:05:08 CST 2003

reading this again, i see you want 5.8.2, it might be available, i
haven't updated in a week or three

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> Subject: [Chicago-talk] Re: Stealth Perl Install and then the 
> old swap-a-roo?
> > Want:
> > replace perl 5.6.1 on my redhat 7.2 box with 5.8.2
> > 
> > Proposed steps
> > 1)  build 5.8.2 in a local director (/home/jason/perl5.8.2
> > 2)  test it
> > 3)  use that perl to install all of the modules I need
> > 4)  remove all RPMs that rely on perl
> > 5)  move this perl into place on top of the other perl
> I'm not sure you can do 3 without having performed 'make 
> install'. It's 
> worth a try though. I believe that 5.8.2 by default goes into 
> /usr/local, and
> that rh7.2 comes with Perl in /usr/bin. So you might be able 
> to get away with 
> building, installing Perl, and grabbing the CPAN modules you 
> need...and then 
> removing the old /usr/bin/perl and symlinking /usr/bin/perl to 
> /usr/local/bin/perl.
> Alternatively (if Perl is already in /usr/local/bin/perl) you 
> could install 
> Perl into a custom directory, /usr/local/perl5.8.2 perhaps, 
> and then create 
> symlinks for the executables that come with Perl.
> Note: a handy trick for getting all the CPAN modules you 
> need. Using the old
> Perl do this:
>     perl -MCPAN -e 'autobundle'
> This will create a listing of all your CPAN modules + their 
> version numbers
> in ~/.cpan/Bundle/Snapshot_2003_11_14_00.pm. Or with 
> anotother suitable date.
> When you've got your new Perl build you can then:
>     perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Snapshot_2003_11_14_00'
> This will go out to CPAN and download all you need, kind of 
> like aptget on
> acid :) I have no idea how to make your RPM database happy 
> afterwards though.
> //Ed 
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