[Chicago-talk] Stealth Perl Install and then the old swap-a-roo?

jason gessner jason at multiply.org
Fri Nov 14 10:55:00 CST 2003

does each version then have it's own set of dependencies and it's own 
separate module collection?  That would be ideal so that I could do 
this incrementally.

if I install to,. say /usr/local/perl5.8.2 and on the shebang use
#!/usr/local/perl5.8.2/bin/perl  everything will pull from that 
installation?  What about other utilities (perldoc, etc).  Will i 
simply have to make some 582 aliases?

On Nov 14, 2003, at 10:52 AM, JT Smith wrote:

> Is there any reason you can't have both on your machine? I do a lot of 
> perl development so I keep two or three versions of perl around at all 
> times for testing purposes. Then in the shebang I just specify to be
> /usr/bin/perl5
> /usr/bin/perl560
> /usr/bin/perl582
> etc
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