[Chicago-talk] Perl and CVS

Scott T. Hildreth shild at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 12 21:27:03 CST 2003

With CVS (as far as I know) you put an $Id: line at the top of the script
which gets filled in with person who checked it in, version, date when the code is 
commited.  So in perl put,

#$Id: $ 

at the top of your code.

I don't know about having it replace the $VERSION, unless you parsed the CVS Id line
in a BEGIN block.

On 13-Nov-2003 Jay Strauss wrote:
> Hi,
> when I'm building a module and I have:
> our $VERSION = '0.01';
> And then I'm using CVS, is there some way to make it when I check the module
> in, that CVS would replace the "0.01" with the CVS version?
> I remember with RCS you could put some strings into your code that RCS would
> replace with the history, author, version...
> What about with CVS and Perl?
> Thanks
> Jay
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