[Chicago-talk] Dynamic method call

Steven Lembark lembark at jeeves.wrkhors.com
Sat Nov 8 14:30:12 CST 2003

-- Paul Baker <pbaker at where2getit.com>

> On Nov 7, 2003, at 2:24 PM, Steven Lembark wrote:
>> For one rather nice way: perldoc Class::Contract;
> That's for OO where prototypes don't matter anyway.

Actually, you can screw people trying to use OO with
prototypes quite nicely

> Which brings me to the point. When I'm doing complex things, I generally
> go with OO so prototypes are a non issue and I'm doing manual more
> complex checks anyway.
> But when doing functions that are taking general not-too-complex
> arguments, where you may only ever screw up by not giving the right
> number of them, that's when I use prototypes.

	@_ == 6 or croak "Bogus call: offball count, should be 6";

doesn't seem like all that much typing. If folks pass in too
few values you'll give back an uninit value warning at which
point it gets pretty obvious what happend.

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