[Chicago-talk] No way I am unsubscribing

Emil Janev ejanev2 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 10:57:30 CST 2003

I just did a little change from my side:
Unsubscribed my primary home mail and subscribed under
"ejanev2.yahoo.com", especially created for Chicago.pm
list ( Very often I learn from mistakes ).

About the meeting yesterday: It was cool, much beter
than my expectations. I am looking forward for the
next one :-)

Note from me about usefull onliners on the Web:
 I believe that most of subscribers are already
familiar with this. But for any case they might be
usefull to someone:

There is a good introduction to Perl for Unix Sys
Admins, including one-liners, in the first Unix Review
Column of Randal L. Schwartz:


Also, here is Tom Chritiansen's list of one-liners
(given as resource for an article):



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