[Chicago-talk] gear

jason gessner jason at multiply.org
Sun Nov 2 14:51:57 CST 2003

Hi All.

I have some gear I would like to unload, and figured I would try the 
group first.

I have:
	8Gig Travan Tape Drive (quantum) plus a mismatched (cable-wise) + 6 or 
7 tapes
	adaptec ultra 160 scsi 2 card (29130? came with a blue and white G3, 
but worked great in my PC).
	a 21" compaq monitor that is slow to start up and has some occasional 
flickering, but overall works allright.

I can bring this stuff to tuesday's meeting if anyone is interested.

Oh, the gear is free (or the cost of a bass ale after the meeting), btw.

-jason scott gessner
	jason at multiply.org
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