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Dooley, Michael Dooley.Michael at con-way.com
Thu Dec 18 14:30:50 CST 2003

I am currently using ncftpput and ncftpget. been using it for about a 1 or
1.5 years.

it works great. but the only thing is I have a bunch of shell scripting that
goes on in conjunction w/ the ncftp.

wanted to see if there was a better way to do it with perl.

in the end my vision is to:
1) have a web page of the ftp logs (only displaying the file sent and the
time (possably the file size)
2) the user can access a log of what files were sent to x client on z day
3) they would click on the name of the file and the file would load up in
there browser so they can view it

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On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 11:41:28AM -0800, Dooley, Michael
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> looking at cpan there are a couple of modules for Net::FTP.
> does anyone have any experience w/ any of these? do you recommend 1 over
> other?

I'd recommend before you do anything else you look at scripting your ftp
app directly, or using something ncftpget (part of ncftp) or wget.


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