[Chicago-talk] perl objects/references/modules

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue Dec 16 18:44:11 CST 2003

>>>>> "Dooley," == Dooley, Michael <Dooley.Michael at con-way.com> writes:

Dooley,> is it me or does anyone else find callbacks/closures frustrating to
Dooley,> understand?

Dooley,> I mean like anything after anon subroutines (chap 6 in perl
Dooley,> objects/references/modules) is pretty confusing.

Those are some pretty advanced topics.   It helps if you've seen
the structures from other places.

But fear not.  It's a bit of a detour.  The rest of the book doesn't
just get harder. :)

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