[Chicago-talk] help with Reg Exp, pls...

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 14:47:56 CST 2003

You've already got a glitch in it, periods don't
succeed at EOS.

I'd -strongly- recommend you manually twiddle the
spacing upon receipt of the string. Requiring users to
type in a space after a comma, for instance, just
strikes me as asking for trouble.

Sure, some people will just do it automatically, but a
others won't and won't understand why it fails. You're
also requiring people to do things like "M. D. "
instead of "M.D." if they so choose.

Also, be sure that you're considering your target
audience. The rules you listed are fine and readable
to a programmer, but Aunt Bea would have no interest
in even trying to understand them. If you're writing
your program for Aunt Bea to use on her own, she'll
want to know why she can't type in her name, what
failed, and why. If you're not deploying for Aunt Bea,
then not to worry.

But, I suppose as long as the errors can be properly
communicated, then no harm no foul. Nonetheless, there
are reasons that programmers bristle at the concept of
doing name matches - they universally suck.


--- Walter Torres <walter at torres.ws> wrote:
> I wish to express my gratitude to all of you for
> your helpful insights.
> I have a base version running...
>     http://web.torres.ws/validate/names.html
> It still has 1 or 2 small issues to solve (at least
> AFAIK), but for the most
> part, it does what I need it to do.
> So, don't laugh too hard at it. It does work.
> Thanks again.
> Walter
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